Diesel Lifeline

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Diesel Lifeline

The Simple Solution for Alcohol Free Rescue from Winter Emergencies

Introducing the latest product from Howes - Diesel Lifeline. Designed to deal with emergencies caused by the toughest winter weather, Diesel Lifeline™ is a fast acting product that works to re-liquefy gelled fuel and de-ice frozen fuel filters. Containing no alcohol or harmful solvents, Diesel Lifeline is a simple, smart solution from a name you can trust. Howes Diesel Lifeline is the only product that requires no mixing or fuel filter change and works to -35°F and beyond.

Available sizes:

32 oz 64 oz

WARNING: Cancer - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov



Re-Liquefies Gelled Fuel

Diesel Lifeline works to chemically modify the melting points of both ice and wax making it possible for fuel to flow freely.


De-Ices Frozen Fuel Filters

The simple, smart solution to winter emergencies, Howes Diesel Lifeline is the only product that requires no fuel mixing or fuel filter change.


Prevents Fuel Filter Icing

Once in the system, Howes Diesel Lifeline not only works to get you rolling again but, it continues to work to prevent fuel filter icing.


Fast Acting

Petroleum-based and extremely fast acting…in most cases, taking just 15 minutes to take effect…Howes Diesel Lifeline works in temperatures as low as -35°F and beyond.

Other Features Include
  • Re-liquefies gelled fuel & de-ices frozen fuel filters
  • Prevents fuel filter icing
  • Eliminates the need to replace costly fuel filters
  • Fast acting and easy to use
  • Requires NO mixing with additional diesel fuel in the fuel filter
  • Warranty safe and effective in all diesel and biodiesel fuel
  • Contains no alcohol or harmful solvents


Truck Trucks

Tractor Tractors

Construction Construction


Treatment Ratios

Part # Size Treat Rate
103093 1 quart As needed, read label
103092 1/2 gal. As needed, read label


This unique product is designed for those who are dealing with emergency situations caused by frozen temperatures. If you’ve forgotten to add your anti-gel product because you normally drive in warmer temperatures or you weren’t expecting a winter storm, Diesel Lifeline can rescue your vehicle from a dangerous situation. 


  • How is Diesel Lifeline different from other emergency rescue products?

    Diesel Lifeline is the only emergency rescue product that does not contain harmful alcohol. Products that contain alcohol can be dangerous to use because they carry a very high flashpoint. Diesel Lifeline has a flashpoint almost equal to that of diesel fuel, so it’s always safe to use. Lifeline is the only product of its kind that does not require fuel filter changes, or mixing with addition diesel fuel before pouring it into your filters. You can pour it directly into your fuel filters and let it get straight to work. Lifeline works quickly, safely, and easily to save you money and get you back on the road fast.  

  • How Does Diesel Lifeline Work?

    Developed over the course of seven years, Diesel Lifeline has been thoroughly tested and proven effective to reliquefy gelled fuel, de-ice frozen fuel filters, and prevent fuel filter icing. It is 100% petroleum-based and formulated without alcohol or other harmful solvents. Instead of using alcohol to remove water, Lifeline uses advanced technology to change the melting points of ice and wax when an emergency occurs. In most cases it takes just 15 minutes to take effect and works to temperatures -35°F and beyond.

  • Is Diesel Lifeline the Same as Diesel Treat?

    No. It is always easier to prevent a problem than it is to fix one.  Diesel Treat is a proactive product that prevents diesel fuel gelling problems in cold weather. It works best when you add it regularly to your fuel before you encounter freezing temperatures. Beyond being the nation’s number one selling anti-gel, Diesel Treat prolongs your engine's life and helps you get more fuel economy out of every tank.
    On the other hand, Diesel Lifeline is a recovery product. It works quickly to solve an emergency situation such as fuel filter icing or diesel fuel that’s already suffering from a high degree of gelling. Diesel Lifeline can help you thaw out frozen fuel filters and reliquefy gelled fuel quickly to get you out of a bind and back on the road.


Being unprepared on the road can be anxiety-provoking, and the time lost in an emergency situation can cost you money. Never drive without a solution again when you invest in our line of products to treat diesel engines and keep them running at any temperature. Contact Howes Products today if you have more questions or if you would like a product recommendation. We look forward to serving you!


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DIESEL LIFELINE - The Simple Solution for Alcohol Free Rescue from Winter Emergencies.

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